"If you're on the lookout for post-rock with 'djentle' touches, we've got the right thing for you. Proxima is a new post-progressive duo from the USA who blend cinematic post-rock with progressive and some subtle space/psych rock leanings."

— WherePostRockDwells

Kind of sounds like Tool meets Chevelle with the likes of Hum and Cave In. Quite good!!!!"
— Chris Blanchard
Really dig the ending. Now I hear the tool references everyone's talking about"
— Mike Bodulow Music
Watch out for those dope basslines; they slap hard!"
— Wherepostrockdwells


ProXima is a 2-piece band from Kentucky who set out on a goal to record mix and produce an album that took all of their 15 years experience playing music together into one epic album. All of the music was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in 2 separate home studios by only 2 people.

ProXima is an instrumental project that blends cinematic post-rock with progressive elements and a space/psych feel at times, but also includes some metal leanings with some modern flare and synth/keyboard touches. We have a wide range of musical taste and backgrounds and open to other genre's and styles leaning toward rock/progressive rock.

After years of trying to play in the scene of the area, with musician after musician not being able to handle the work ethic, vision and putting in the work to create an album, we set out to do it ourselves with a singer or not. "Parting the Horizon" EP is one collaborative effort with a goal to create music that we were proud to put out into the world.

We used our own purchased gear, resources, equipment, built custom computers and built our own home studios to produce this album and future music. We meticulously chose what gear we wanted to use, differnet mic setups, drum setups, mixing/mastering plugins and more... We are well equipped and ready to keep creating and producing high quality music.

Website, graphics and videos were also created by one of the 2 band members

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Our Upcoming EP Parting the Horizon
is set to release independently by us on October 29th, 2021.

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